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Do you know the different modes of international freight?

09 Jun 2021 -

        For international freight, we subconsciously feel that they have many different business models. For example, there is international shipping, international air freight, etc. Then we will analyze in detail some of the differences between international express and international air freight.

        1. Different applicable objects

        Small batches of goods less than 45 kilograms are generally delivered by international express.

        Large quantities of goods larger than 45 kg are generally transported by international air.

        2. Different transportation bodies


        The main body of international air transportation is major airlines and freight companies, such as Air China, Singapore Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Northwest Airlines, and so on. International freight companies use these international airlines to deliver the goods you want to consign to the designated destination.

        The main body of international express delivery is major express companies, such as China Post EMS, DHL Sinotrans DHL, UPS, United Parcel, FedEx, and other major international express companies.

        3. Different delivery methods

        International air transportation: from airport to airport, or the goods are delivered to the airport, and then cooperate with the logistics vehicle designated by the freight company to complete the air delivery.

        International express: door to door.

international freight

        4. Different service content

        International air transport: the shipper delivers to the airport, and the destination consignee or its agent picks up, customs clearance, and picks up the goods at the airport warehouse, without tariffs.

        International express delivery: the express company collects parcels, declares and clears customs, package delivery, and does not include the destination country tariffs.


        5. Different timeliness

        International Express: 3-5 days under normal circumstances.

        International air transport: If the flight is normal and the space arrangement is smooth, if it is a direct flight, it will arrive within one day; if it is a transfer, it will usually arrive within 2-4 days. The speed of the time limit is mainly determined by the efficiency and strength of the transportation company, the schedule of airport flights and the speed of customs clearance at the destination.

        The above summary:

        The choice of international freight, no matter what kind of business model, is more to follow the needs of customers. If the customer requires door-to-door delivery or double-clear delivery, it is usually delivered by express. Although air freight is also available + delivery, the follow-up delivery must be completed by the customer contacting the local customs clearance company and the delivery company. Compared with express delivery It will be more troublesome. If the goods are left at the airport, the warehouse rent is charged on a daily basis, and the customer does not pay for the goods at that time, and the goods are still stuck in the local area, the sender's loss is more than that of the freight. I am worried about the high freight rate of express delivery. Now there are express discount platforms to choose from. This third-party platform integrates the services of several major express companies, and there are discounts. Which one is cheaper to choose which one? If there is a problem, the platform's customer service will assist in handling it, which is good s Choice.

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