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How does China handle export agency return and repair of electronic products?

18 Jun 2021 -

        We know that many electronic products that have been used can no longer be imported as general trade taxes, nor can they be imported by express delivery. If the goods really need to be returned to the domestic factory and will not be exported later, you can choose general trade declaration import and pay the import Duties and value-added tax (new products).

        However, the return of goods by Chinese export agents is a headache encountered in the process of international trade. The logistics cost of the return was originally lost, and the procedures for returning the goods back to the country are very complicated and expensive. Some of them are still prohibited from importing.

        Exported mobile phones are returned to the bonded area for maintenance. In response to the issue of the return of exported goods, the Shenzhen Export Processing Zone Customs has tried to carry out inspection and maintenance services for the return of exported goods to the bonded area. Logistics enterprises in the bonded area that have obtained the approval of the customs and the Commodity Inspection Bureau and have the inspection and maintenance account book for the return of exported goods in the bonded area can act as an agent for the inspection and maintenance of the returned goods in the bonded area.

        Let's explain the situation of re-export after returning the exported goods for repair:

Chinese export agents

        Goods exported to foreign countries need to be returned for repair and re-export due to product quality problems. Generally, there are new goods exported abroad with quality problems, or used products are required to be returned to rework, replacement parts, etc. during the warranty period. .

        So how do we handle the return of goods for repair without paying import duties and import value-added tax?

        1. There is no need to pay import duties and value-added tax, the bonded area is equivalent to overseas, and the return of overseas goods to the bonded area is equivalent to the goods still abroad, so it is tax-free.

        2. Policies of the bonded zone. At present, only the Shenzhen Free Trade Zone, which is the China Export Agency Processing Zone, has a policy for the return and maintenance of exported goods.

        3. No need to go through complicated return application procedures, no need to pay. You only need to provide the inventory information of the goods, and then you can apply for the return of the goods to the logistics company.

        4. Domestic maintenance tools and materials that need to be replaced can be declared in the country to enter the bonded warehouse for inspection and maintenance of goods, replacement of parts, replacement of packaging, etc.

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