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How much do you know about the role of international freight forwarders?

09 Jun 2021 -

With the rapid development of my country's economy, the international freight industry has also developed rapidly, and various types of freight forwarders have emerged. We often say international freight forwarders, so how much do you know about its role?

The first point is to serve the shipper

1. Organization and coordination

International freight forwarders have always been called "transportation designers", organizers and coordinators of "door-to-door" transportation. With their transportation knowledge and other related knowledge, they organize transportation activities, design transportation routes, and choose transportation methods. And the carrier (or shipper).

Coordinating the relationship between cargo owners, carriers, and warehouse custodians, insurers, banks, ports, airports, stations, yard operators and customs, commodity inspection, sanitary inspection, animal and plant inspection, import and export control and other relevant authorities, which can be omitted The client's time reduces many unnecessary troubles and concentrates on the main business.

2. The role of professional services

By providing various professional services to the client, the international freight forwarder can save the client from having to spend more thought and energy in the business field that he is not familiar with, so that the inconvenience or difficult to rely on his own strength can be handled appropriately and effectively. , Which helps to improve the work efficiency of the client.

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3. The role of communication control

International freight forwarders have extensive business relationships, developed service networks, and advanced information technology methods. They can maintain effective communication between cargo transportation partners, cargo transportation partners and other relevant enterprises and departments at any time, and transport goods. The whole process is accurately tracked and controlled to ensure the safety and timely delivery of the goods to the destination, smoothly go through relevant procedures, and accurately deliver to the consignee, and provide information services and other related services throughout the process at the request of the consignor.

The second point is to serve the carrier

The freight forwarder must book the space with the carrier at a fair and reasonable rate for the carrier and the shipper, arrange for an appropriate time for delivery, and solve the problem of freight accounts with the carrier in the name of the shipper.

International freight forwarding has a close relationship with liner companies. More and more liner companies’ international freight forwarding commissions recognize its beneficial role in improving theory at one time. In recent years, with the growth of container transportation in international trade, international freight forwarding companies have introduced "consolidated shipping". ”And “LCL” services have enabled them to establish closer ties with liner companies and other carriers such as railway carriers.

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The third point is to serve the port

Freight forwarders receive the entire ship of cargo or load most of the entire ship's cargo. Under the premise of reasonable flow, it can strive for the loading and unloading of the ship at the port where the freight forwarding is located, which contends for the source of a ship for the port.

The fourth point is to serve the customs

Because of this, at present, about 80% of the world's air cargo, more than 70% of the containerized cargo, and 75% of the general cargo transportation business in the world are controlled by international freight forwarders.

80% of my country's import and export trade cargo transportation and transit business (of which, bulk cargo accounts for 70% and container cargo accounts for 90%), and 90% of international air cargo transportation services are completed through international freight forwarding companies.

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