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How to apply for Amazon's product quality inspection report?

30 Jun 2021 -

The Amazon product quality inspection report is a test report handled by a third-party testing agency when the product is listed on Amazon. All products on Amazon need a quality inspection report, which is the product quality inspection report. The quality inspection report is According to the requirements of standardization, carry out quality inspection and quality supervision on products and projects, and write a written report reflecting the quality of products and projects after analysis and research. So how to handle the Amazon quality inspection report? The following editor briefly introduces

What is a product quality inspection report?

There are many names for quality inspection reports. Some are called inspection reports, and some are called quality inspection reports, but they are basically the same, mainly referring to the product quality inspection reports issued to you by the "product inspection agency". A conformity certification for your product. The regular products circulating on the market have corresponding quality inspection reports, and the agency will inspect them in accordance with national standards and then issue a report to you.

Common test reports include CMA and CNAS:

CMA: China Metrology Accreditation Abbreviation "CMA" is the English abbreviation of China Metrology Accreditation. It is a comprehensive certification and evaluation of the testing capabilities and reliability of testing institutions carried out by the metrological administrative department above the provincial level in accordance with the provisions of the Metrology Law of the Republic of China. The inspection agency that has obtained the certificate of metrological certification is allowed to use the CMA mark on the inspection report; the inspection report with the CMA mark can be used for product quality evaluation, results and judicial appraisal, and has legal effect.

What preparation materials need to be provided in the Amazon quality inspection report: 1. For products related to appearance quality, it is recommended that 2-3 pieces of the same type, same color and same code for each category; 2. If there is a logo test for trademark and brand information, a hang tag and washing mark must be provided , Certificate, manual, etc.; 3. Quality inspection application form

Amazon quality inspection report processing process: 1. Contact a third-party testing agency; 2. Fill in the test application form; 3. Express the sample to the certification center; 4. notify the merchant of the remittance after reviewing the order; 5. Receive the remittance, start the test ; 6. Issuing a test report, courier samples and original reports

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