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How to grasp the customer procurement node in customer development

30 Jun 2021 -

        I probably shared a small part of some of my accumulated foreign trade experience before. Many related procurement topics and relevant experience on how to be a good Chinese export agent have not been discussed in depth. If the topic is expanded, the length is too long and it is not suitable for us. Now that you need to read quickly, it will be divided into many small knowledge points for sharing in the future. This requires you to accumulate little by little. Interested students can read my previous articles, I believe it will be helpful to you.

        Today we are mainly talking about: How to grasp the customer procurement node in customer development

        Many foreign trade novices will be confused here. I am not a customer. How do I know when he needs it? Moreover, especially for customers who have never cooperated before, this is even more difficult. Therefore, this requires us to do a lot of work in the early stage to obtain this information.

        The first point: select the target customer group

        For example, I am in the German market. How about the sales of our similar products in the German market? Which months are high and which months are low? What is the market share of similar competing products in the German market? In the local market, how many mainstream suppliers are there? Then, using the attitude of a consumer to be familiar with the differences between our products and competing products, we can also call it an advantage, whether it is the price advantage or the advantage of the product itself. Only by differentiation can your product have a way out.

        The second point is to collect and analyze the necessary information. Ways and methods, some of the previous articles have been shared, you can read them. I won't elaborate on it here, and it will never change.

        The third point is to write development letters in a targeted manner

        This is very important. According to the actual situation of different customers, I write different development letters. I see that many students like to send emails in groups, the content is the same, and then I complained about why our email response rate is so low. The reason is to prepare hard work. If you didn't do it well, of course, there are too many uncertain factors. For example, the customer does not currently need to purchase, or the customer you contacted has resigned, or for other reasons, contacting him will actually have no effect. Differentiated products and alienated services will make you different.

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