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If you want to find a reliable import and export agency, you must pay attention to these 6 items

16 Jun 2021 -

        Friends who do foreign trade, maybe you are an SME or a personal SOHO

        If you want to find a reliable Chinese export agency, you must pay attention to the following six items:

        1. Whether you have the strength, the first choice is a good reputation

        Nowadays, there is a mixed bag of agents on the market. Some agency companies have no professional qualifications, but under the slogan of exempting service fees, they are now signing their customers. After foreign remittances, they make a fuss about the payment, and then disappear and disappear. Affected the foreign trade company's serious reputation with foreign companies, and will lose money in vain, consuming energy and time. It can be said that you get what you pay for. Picking a company with a strong reputation and a good reputation will do more with less. The time saved can be used to develop more customers.

        2. Is it a pure agent, be careful of your funds being taken up?

        If after receiving your funds in foreign exchange, the cooperating agency company does not pay the factory for a long time, or the tax refund is delayed until the time of the tax refund is changed, you must be careful that the export agency company you cooperate with is self-operating. It is not a pure agency. If the funds are occupied, you will be passive, which will greatly affect your business progress.

        3. Are there any confidentiality clauses, and beware of all leakage of customer information

Chinese export agency

        When signing the contract, you must pay attention to whether there is a confidentiality clause in the contract, at least in the case of the professional ethics of the cooperative export agency company, there is a contract guarantee. Protecting one's own rights and customer information from being leaked is also a kind of protection for one's own labor.

        4. Is professional enough, integrity first

        Unprofessional agency companies are often busy before signing the contract and shipping. When you actually ship the foreign exchange and receive the account, you need to contact the collaboration but can’t find someone. You can ask carefully before signing the contract. Whether the other party is familiar with the profession, whether it can be guaranteed, and whether it can be included in the terms.

        5. Will it be inspected frequently and affect the delivery time?

        The foreign trader has finally shipped the goods. The most worrying thing is that there will be various losses, which will cause not only the damage to their own interests, but also the distrust of foreign businessmen. If you cooperate with the Chinese export agency company to check regularly , It will affect the export time of the goods, so please pay attention to it, the interruption will continue, and it will become more chaotic in the future.

        6. Can you help you with reasonable tax advances and fast tax refunds?

        Trading companies that are in desperate need of capital turnover originally expected the tax rebate to be received quickly, but the self-operated foreign trade agency had to extend the delay for a long time, so at the beginning of the cooperation, it was not just a clause on the contract agreement, but It is to pay attention to how to pay if the contract is overdue. Trading companies that have high requirements for tax rebate time should still avoid cooperation with import and export agencies with insufficient financial strength. They also need to make sufficient preparations before cooperation, and it is best to conduct background checks.

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