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Popular science! International air waybill concept, usage and restrictions

19 Jun 2021 -

1. The concept of international freight

The international waybill is filled out by the shipper or in the name of the shipper. It is the proof of the contract between the shipper and the carrier to transport the goods on the carrier’s route. The air waybill is non-transferable and belongs to the air transport company to which the air waybill belongs.

2. The purpose of international freight bills

The freight bill is the most important freight document used by the shipper or its agent. Its functions are summarized as follows: 1. It is the certificate of the conclusion of the transportation contract between the carrier and the shipper; 2. It is the document that the carrier accepts and transports the goods. ; 3. It is the freight settlement certificate and the freight receipt; 4. It is the basis for the carrier to transport the goods in the whole process of the cargo transportation organization; 5. It is the certification document for the clearance of international import and export goods; 5. It is the insurance certificate.

3. Responsibilities for filling out the international freight bill

international freight

The shipper is responsible for filling out the air waybill. The shipper is responsible for the correctness and completeness of the contents of the freight bill. Due to the inaccurate and incomplete contents of the freight bill, the carrier or others suffer losses, and the shipper shall be liable. According to relevant national regulations, the shipper should fill out the original freight bill in triplicate and hand it over to the carrier together with the goods. The non-compliance of the international freight bill or the loss of the freight bill does not affect the existence or validity of the contract of carriage.

4. Restrictions on international freight bills

A consignment note can only be used for one or more pieces of goods that are consigned by a carrier at the same time and at the same place and destined for the same consignee at the same destination. No IATA member is allowed to print a negotiable air waybill, and the word "non-negotiable" on the waybill cannot be deleted or tampered with.

5. Objection raised by the consignee when delivering the goods

1. Obvious damage to the goods should be raised immediately when the damage is found, and no later than 14 days after receipt of the goods; 2. Other damages to the goods, raised within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods; 3. Delays in the goods, starting from It shall be submitted within 21 days from the date of its free disposal of the goods; 4. If the goods are not delivered, the request shall be submitted within 120 days from the date of filling out the freight bill. The litigation shall be filed from the day the cargo arrives at the destination, or from the date the aircraft should arrive, or within two years from the date when the transportation is stopped, otherwise the carrier's right to litigation will be lost.

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