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27 May 2021 - buying agent,export,shipping agent,forwarder,ship,delivery

Why you need an agent in china?

Though, most customers are still under the impression that working directly with a supplier will definitely give them access to better quality product or service, actually they will surprised find that may cause much more trouble than they thought. Here is the list of the problems that may happen to the customers while conducing business in china.


1.Sourcing is really a time consuming process.

2.The quality of the goods is of major concern.

3.Suppliers are not so honest and responsible as you thought.

4.Inexperienced suppliers causes big problems on documents, shipping etc.

5.Differences between languages and cultures are the major hindrance when conducting business in china; Ineffective communication may leads to slow, unprofessional or even irrelevant response from the suppliers.

6.You have to direction about purchasing, whether it is done via manufacturer or other indirect sources.

7.It is also a hard task to plan your agenda without knowing the commodity distribution well.

8.The suppliers won’t or can’t pack according to your requirement.


Why Choose KS?


How KS create value for you?

The only reason we can survival is that we are creating values for our customers! More than what you paid to us!

A. Getting cheaper price for you.

We achieve better price via our extensive network of regular suppliers. And to save the costs such like on the tax, packing, transport cost etc.


B. Control your risks of “Buying from China.”

We have rich experience to deal with different suppliers. Also have the professional layer consultant & detailed purchase contract to protect your purchase order will be handled properly.

1. Pre-production Inspection.

2.On production Inspection.

3. Pre-shipment Inspection.

4.Arrange shipment for you.


C. Save your time & Translation Cost.

You only need to make the product choice, leave the rest to us. Save of your time and ticket toChina! Even don’t come to china. We take care of your business inChina!


contact us

  • Telephone:

    +86 20 83280588/83280998

  • Email: shipping@ksgz.sg
  • Address:

    Room 3204-07,Onelink Plaza,NO.39 Jie Fang Nan Road,Yuexiu District Guangzhou,China

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